my petition to the stars

i’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to figure out what i want my first post on this blog to be about.

i don’t have anything specific though. my brain is a mess of so many experiences and thoughts, and i can’t untangle them. make sense of them. to write them down? no.

i want this year to be good for me. on this annual trip around the sun, i want the universe to smile on me. sprinkle me with star dust. i want to fly.

so. i’ve decided to speak life into this year. to flesh it out with my dreams and desires. i’m not naive–i know life loves curveballs and i’m ready. i can brace myself because i’ve been through the storm before. i know exactly how tightly to hold onto the railing. i can do this.

this year is the year i’m triggered less
this is the year my nightmares quiet and cease
this is the year i trust myself
love myself
treat myself to the good things it needs instead of depriving it
this is the year i unpack my childhood in therapy
and learn to make sense of the tangles
i can do this
i can breathe life into myself
the scars on my arms and thighs
can fade and new skin can grow
my artist’s mind can flourish
i’ll grow flowers from my ears and eyes it’s so fertile!
watch more see more BE more more than this


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