trigger warning

trigger warning is the buzzing in my head
my leg muscles poised to run
and the tears behind my eyes

it’s incoherent babbling on the floor
because no one thought to tell me
“trigger warning
this show has rape in it”

trigger warning
is me in the bathroom
screaming at the top of my lungs
my body so numb and far from me
that i scratch myself to keep myself here

trigger warning is
the pressure in my chest when
i smell a certain lotion
hear a specific song
see a familiar face

trigger warning
is the grounding techniques
i’ve taught myself
i’m here on earth

breathe in
breathe out

trigger warning
are the stick thin girls on instagram
the scars on my thighs
the way people look at me
shocked “that happened to you?”

trigger warning
the word “ungrateful”
spat in my direction with
such hate that
i jump out of a moving vehicle

trigger warning
my head is on fire
i can’t see
the world fades away

trigger warning
is the switch in my head
from happy and content
to scared

trigger warning
i’m a child again
i’m sitting in the shower
i’m bad
i’ve done wrong
i’m covered in welts

trigger warning


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