​I close my eyes

And I’m in space.

The void that

in fire and light

birthed the planet I call home

is enveloping me 

holding me 

whispering in my ear

that it’s alright.

The cold and the dark


normally would suffocate

squeeze and destroy 

is cradling my body.

My hair floats free

electrified and warmed

by the nearby sun.

I can feel the earth below me

the pull of gravity

a blue green marble

swirled with white

and the moon

cold and dead

stares at me


You are part of us

a nearby asteroid whispers 

as it streams by

and I can feel

in my bones

down to my cells

quivering with life

the explosion

the death that was birth

the flash of atoms

the beginning of it all.

I am the cosmos

A peace, a knowing

unlike anything I’ve ever experienced

fills my brain.


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