something brave in me

there’s something brave in me
something strong built in the center of my soul
i was always the rebellious one
“the angry one” they’d say
to relieve their guilt and call themselves guiltless

i did try
i tried to be quiet and complaisant
i nodded and said “yes sir” like the best of them

but there was still that fire
the iron in my heart
the fierce desire for independence
freedom. truth.

i just needed that opening
that push
the nod from the universe
to break through my coffin
and stand up through the dirt.

born again
a second life so much deeper than religion can explain
i raised my fist

“you don’t tell me who I am
i tell you who i am”

the ground shook
the storm rolled in
my rebellion wouldn’t be tolerated

“this re birth is evil
they decreed
the girl child doesn’t know her place”

“send fire!
i cried in return
send the rain!
send your best. watch them fall.
i’m built of something so much stronger.”

i took the punches
i endured the lashes.
i ignored their words, filed sharp to kill
i smiled the entire time
the fire in my heart burning stronger

bloody and bruised
i climbed the mountain
i was never much afraid
i was never broken
i was whole

the guards trembled as i walked by
muddy feet and bloody face
the king cowered as i snatched his crown

“i am the daughter of
the witches you could not burn.”
i told him
“this fire burns stronger in the rain.
i’m already molded to perfection.
who told you that you could change me?”